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Assessment can be complex and time-consuming. Our comparing tool simplifies the process and makes assessment more reliable and more valid. How? By aligning with the natural way people make choices: by comparing. The comparing tool always shows two products and asks you to choose the best one. By comparing all products multiple times a reliable ranking is created, which you can link to scores.

Teachers and assessors value working with the Comproved comparing tool.

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Why assess comparatively?

Did you know that teachers differ up to 8 points on a 20-point scale when they judge the same student? Our comparing tool offers guidance. It:


  • simplifies assessments
  • bases scores on multiple assessments
  • combines assessors’ expertise

Students can learn a lot from assessments. The Comproved comparing tool improves learning by:


  • giving students insight in the quality of their work
  • lets students compare their work with that of fellow students (through peer assessments)
  • facilitates qualitative feedback

The Comproved comparing tool is the result of five years of thorough academic research. Comparative assessment:


  • is more accurate than other assessment methods
  • makes the best use of teachers’ expertise
  • is easy to apply
  • encourages feedback on complex skills
  • provides valuable data for teachers and students

The Comproved comparing tool is perfectly suited for educational settings. It:


  • integrates easily with other tools (LTI)
  • delivers interactive results
  • encourages collaboration with other teachers

Pricing and technical details

You can use the comparing tool in several ways.

The price depends on the number of users and the features used.

The comparing tool is easy to integrate with other learning platforms (LTI-proof).

Interested in working with our tool? We won’t throw you in the deep end but will guide your team with clear instructions and workshops.

  • Single assessment: from 300 euros
  • License Higher Education for an unlimited number of assessments: from 9000 euros
  • Secondary and Elementary Education: contact us
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