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Knowledge workshops

Peer assessment: from idea to action plan

Students can learn a lot from peer assessment, but how do you use it optimally? For instance, do you opt for a product or a process assessment? And how do you integrate peer assessment in your teaching practice? In this workshop you learn enough about peer assessment to formulate a feasible action plan.

The ABC of comparative assessment

Assessing is difficult. Teachers differ in strictness, understand criteria differently and are influenced by the order of the products they review.

Comparative judgment works because it builds on the natural way in which people make decisions: they compare. This workshop teaches you how comparative judgement works and how you can implement it.

Measure the right thing: valid and reliable assessments

Everyone wants to assess fairly and strives for high validity and reliability. Yet in practice these concepts often remain vague. This workshop familiarises assessors with the concepts of reliability and validity and gives hands-on tips to improve the assessment practice.

What can you learn from your (test) data?

Testing and assessing are essential parts of the educational process. They also generate valuable data. However, the potential of this data often remains unused. In this workshop you learn to utilize data to improve your education.

Do we evaluate as a team? Improve your assessment skills (course)

Do I assess in the same way my colleagues do? How differently do we approach this task? Anyone who judges professionally struggles with these questions. In this customized course, we help teams to unravel differences, discuss them and reach more agreement in the assessment process.

Customized workshops

Does your team want to improve its testing and assessing? In our academy, we develop customized workshops that match your questions and educational goals. Get in touch with our experts.

Practical workshops

Peer assessment with the comparing tool

Students learn a lot from evaluating each other’s products. Our comparing tool enhances learning by:

  1. showing students more work from fellow students,
  2. making their position in relation to fellow students clear,
  3. facilitating feedback of high quality. This workshop shows you to use the comparing tool to set up your own peer assessment.
Comparative judgement with the comparing tool

Do you want to use comparative judgement? In this workshop you learn how to set up an assessment with our tool, which features you can use and how you correctly interpret the results.

Comparative judgment for advanced users: algorithms and statistics

You see the benefits of comparative judgment and want get the most out of it. Immerse yourself in algorithms and analyses in this advanced workshop.

Regular workshop


3-4 hours
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Customized workshop

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3-4 hours
Excl. travel expenses

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