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Experts in fair assessment

In 2014, the seed was planted from which Comproved has grown. At that time, University of Antwerp, imec and University of Ghent jointly started a research project with the central question: what is the added value of comparative judgement for the evaluation of complex skills? The project was named D-PAC (Development of a Platform for the Assessment of Competences). In the years that followed, we – the researchers – became experts in education, assessment and (comparative) judgement.

The research project resulted in a good number of PhDs and publications. Because we needed real-life assessment situations, we worked a lot with teachers. They increasingly asked: ‘Will we still be able to use the tool if the research project stops?
This is how Comproved was born. Comproved helps lecturers and assessors to assess fairly and with quality. We do this with knowledge and with practical tooling.

The team

Maarten Goossens, co-founder
Maarten Goossens


As a former teacher, Maarten knows how difficult assessing can be. He’s an expert in translating research results into practice. Maarten has been a sparring partner for more than 50 organizations. His analytical skills help educational institutions sharpen their assessments.

Marije Lesterhuis, co-founder
Marije Lesterhuis

co-founder, researcher

Marije obtained her PhD on the quality of assessments when applying comparative judgement. She can tell you everything about reliability, efficiency and validity. Do you want to work out how comparative judgement fits in your organization? Marije will get you started!

Roos Van Gasse, co-founder
Roos Van Gasse

co-founder, researcher

Roos Van Gasse is an all-round assessment expert. Her PhD research was about the use of test data by teachers to improve their instructions. With this background, Roos is the perfect partner in crime when you want to use assessments to improve your organization.

profile picture tine stoop
Tine Stoop

marketing and communications officer

As a content marketer, Tine believes in strong and relevant content to build a relationship with the target audience in order to further develop a brand. In January 2022 she joined Comproved to continue writing its story.

David Jagersma_Comproved_sven
Prof. dr. Sven De Maeyer

academic advisor

Sven De Maeyer is a full-time professor in the Department of Training and Educational Sciences at the University of Antwerp. His research focuses on all issues related to measurement and evaluation. If you want advice on research into comparative judgement, he’s your man.

Renske Bouwer
Janita Sassen
Renske Bouwer

academic advisor

Renske Bouwer is associate professor of Language & Education at Utrecht University. She conducts research on the development of writing skills in primary, secondary and higher education. In doing so, she obviously also looks at the effects of comparative (peer) feedback.

Michiel De Vrindt

PHD researcher

In October 2022, Michiel De Vrindt started his PhD project at Comproved in collaboration with KU Leuven and the ITEC research group. His mission is to make the assessment process of comparative judgement more efficient and improve the quality of feedback with the help of AI.

Comproved is a spin-off of five years scientific research into comparative judgement with:

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