Getting started with Comproved


Good preparation…

Making the switch to comparative judgement may feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be! From preparation to concrete implementation, you’ll find everything you need for getting started with Comproved right here. In four steps you are all set to start.

Prefer to get this information during a workshop?

Step 1: Work out your idea


How to move from idea to action, even when you feel there is no time? Read about it here.


You don’t have to do it alone. Ask us to give a workshop to make sure you have all the available information. Check out the possibilities here.


What are the prerequisites to get started with Comproved? This is what you need.


Much experience has already been accumulated with Comproved. Read about other’s experiences and get inspired.


It all starts with a good design. Think carefully about your objectives. See also the assessment-ABC on our blog.


How do you get your colleagues on board with working with Comproved? We have collected ideas.


Looking for someone to discuss your ideas with? We are happy to help you with concrete advice and examples. Please contact us.


Did you complete your design? Check it with our checklist!

Step 2: Access and IT

Access to Comproved is generally arranged through your educational institution’s IT department. Depending on the organization, it may vary exactly where you need to go. In all cases, your supervisor is a good starting point to talk about options for working with Comproved. Ask your supervisor about the technology, ICT or education policy staff member (the title varies by educational institution). This employee can help you further.

We can always join a conversation with IT to support you and answer practical questions. Please contact us for this.

Step 3: Include the examination board

Comparative assessment is not a well-known practice everywhere. The examination board may ask questions about, for example, reliability and validity. Especially for summative use of the tool, in some educational institutions it is necessary to get permission from the examination board. The following pages and texts may help.

If the examination board does not yet know what comparative assessment entails, the background page helps to get a first impression.

For further exploration, read the E-book.

download e-book
cijfers in comproved

Are there questions about reliability and validity? The following scientific articles are helpful for further substantiation:

  • Reliability: Verhavert, S., De Maeyer, S., Donche, V., & Coertjens, L. (2017). Scale separation reliability: what does it mean in the context of comparative judgement? Applied Psychological Measurement, 9, 1-18. Link
  • Validity: van Daal, T., Lesterhuis, M., Coertjens, L., Donche, V., & De Maeyer, S. (2019). Validity of comparative judgement to assess academic writing: Examining implications of its holistic character and building on a shared consensus. Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice, 26(1), 59-74. Link

All scientific publications can be found on the background page

Does the examination board have further questions? We are here to help..

Step 4: Work with the tool

Is everything set up? Then it comes down to the very practical work.

Are you going to use Comproved for the first time? Do a test run with your colleagues! Not just to get everyone on board, but also to get some practice yourself. See also the manual of the tool.

Exciting, how will students respond? We explain how you can prepare for a peerassessment. We have also collected the most important misconceptions with students.

Are you looking for more support?
Leerlingen aan het werk in de klas

On this website you can also find specific info for Comproved users, such as: 

What to do when you have a misfit?

How do you set the standard?

How do you calculate test scores?

Once you access the tool, even more information is available. In the Tool you will find info icons next to each option that you may or may not check when you set up your assessment.

When you press the chat-icoontje, you will find a list of frequently asked questions.

Still need some help? Use our expertise.

You can contact us for:

  • Many practical examples (e.g. How to work with live assessment?)
  • All your questions about assessment (e.g. Why is comparative assessment reliable?) 
  • Specific questions about Comproved (e.g. How does it work with retakes?)
  • Support in your design (e.g. Does this also work for an internship assessment and how?)

Download the manual for a detailed explanation of the comparing tool